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Founded in 2002, with only two trucks and five containers, we have successfully established one of the largest privately-held roll-off container providers in New York City. With a fleet of 40+ trucks and a growing inventory of 800+ containers we are ready to handle any job, any size. 



Guma Roll Off Container Illustration

30 Yard Container [ 22' x 7.5' x 6' ]

Mixed Use

Our MOST popular and versatile size! Great for large-sized projects that require space!

Used for renovation projects, business cleanout, estate cleanup, mixed-use demolition, disaster cleanup (flood/fire), large events, etc.





Fill out the form below & we will contact you within one hour to schedule your order (M - Th 9am - 5pm  | Fri 9am - 2pm )


Being in Construction for over 20 years I have never come across a container company like Guma… They are always on time, billing is on point and their customer service is an A+. It is a pleasure dealing with Raquel on all my job sites.

Joseph Pisicchio




How much notice is needed to order a container? 

We ask for one day's notice for all container orders. Please note that we are closed on the weekends and any requests placed over the weekend will not be seen until Monday morning.


Additionally, any orders sent in after office hours will not be seen until the next day.

What happens if my container is overweight? 

When we pick up a container it is weighed at our facilities. If the container comes back weighing more than the allotted limit we charge 120+ tax per each ton overweight.

Are there cancellation fees?

If a container can't be delivered there will be a $250 dollar fee for the attempted delivery fee.

We will also charge $250 if the order is canceled while the driver is on the way to the stop. 

What Can't be Dumped?

Radioactive materials, asbestos, explosives, corrosives, oxidizing agents, infectious wastes, pathological wastes, chemotherapeutic wastes, hazardous wastes, and/or any other materials deemed not acceptable by Guma. The inclusion of hazardous waste materials may result in additional charges to the customer.  Any barrels, tanks, or containers having any liquid or chemical compounds classified as hazardous or toxic by local, state, or federal agencies authorized to categorize as the same are not permitted to be loaded into Guma’s containers, and/or equipment.

Guma reserves the right to charge customers for disposal of and/or fines imposed against Guma for hazardous materials.

How are payments made? 

We accept debit/credit cards. 

Are there any additional fees?

Aside from overweight fees, we do have daily rental fees that are charged starting on the 11th day the container is in your possession.

The first 10 days are included. 

Do you provide a cover?

We, unfortunately, do not provide a tarp but welcome customers to purchase their own as needed. Containers are not required to be covered. 

Do we provide permits? /  Do I need a permit?

If the container is going on the street and not on private property a permit is required. We are able to provide a 5-day permit for an additional fee.

Overloaded Containers? 

Please note that overloaded containers as pictured below, are not accepted at pick-up. All containers need to be filled no more than the height of the container.

Failure to comply could result in the inability to pick the container up and additional fees.

Guma Roll Off Container Photograph

Hours of Operation


Mon - Thurs [ 9am-5pm ]

Fri [ 9am-2pm ]

Sat & Sun [ Closed ]

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